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ery powerful wooden speargun with great mass.
The ergonomic handle guarantees a firm grip during maneuvering and firing. The trigger mechanism is very sensitive thanks to the use of stainless steel components and extended internal linkages. This allows for a smooth release even under heavy load.
The use of teak strips laminated in the opposite direction makes it rigid and resistant to marine agents. The generous volume of the barrel allows the gun to be equipped with a larger shaft without compromising maneuverability.
The open muzzle allows inserting up to 4 circular bands. Once bands are loaded, they follow the barrel along the shaft, reducing the protrusions and favoring maneuverability.
This speargun is equipped with Sporasub Greenshot bands (insert links vs. web page) with Dyneema wishbones.
The gun is produced in sizes 100, 115, 130 and 140 cm in length. It comes with 3x14 mm elastic and XX shaft (insert link to web page) from XX mm single-piece with shark fins.
cm. 90 SPAR040090
cm. 100 SPAR040100
cm. 115 SPAR040115
cm. 130 SPAR040130
cm. 140 SPAR040140